On April 7, 20 boys from The Cub Scouts and Stella Maris Preparatory School enjoyed educational farming activities on a Day Excursion at Restoration Village Farm. After their day at the farm, the trip coordinator sent us the following testimonial.

IMG_5303“We had a Fantastic Day at the farm! The boys really enjoyed themselves and learnt a whole lot in the process. They were excited about planting the ginger and peas. They really loved eating the Cocoa pods, they now know where chocolate comes from. Its a great farm. The boys are giving great reviews to their parents. One little boy told his mum it was an amazing day. I realize that many of the boys have never seen a lot of these trees and foods before much less a farm so it was a really good experience for them. One little boy had papaya for the very first time and liked it.

I have to commend all of your staff; they are really helpful and knowledgeable. Customer service is top notch. Rodger, Rohan and Elaine were superb. Tell them to keep up the good work.

The food was Wow. Tasted so good. Big up the chefs.

We had a memorable day!

And I want to thank you once again for your generosity for giving the Scouts discounted prices. It really made it possible for us to make the trip.

Thanks from the Cub Scouts pack, Stella Maris Prep, teachers and parents. The boys had a great day!”

Schedule Day Excursions for your groups by calling: 876-571-9533 or emailing: trevorc@restorationvillagefarm.com.

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