Fresh Fruit at Restoration Village Farm

When visiting Jamaica the first things you’ll notice are the tropical climate and the beautiful beaches. If you really pay attention you’ll notice vibrant colored fruits EVERYWHERE… in the trees, being sold from carts and in the markets. A wide variety of fruits and vegetables are readily available because Jamaica is blessed with many different microclimates and soil types. This allows nearly every tropical product to be grown on the island.

Restoration Village Farm is located in Portland, one of the cooler parishes, and has a wide assortment of fruits intercropped with other produce. Tasting the medley of fruits harvested here should definitely be added to your list of things to do in Jamaica.

On the 60-minute guided walking tour at Restoration Village Farm guests have the ability to taste seasonal fruits produce harvested directly from the property. All the fruits shown in the pictures are in season NOW! Click here, call: 876-571-9533 or email: to taste these delicious fruits on your guided walking tour today!