Clean up from the heavy rains continues…

The flooding from the storm December 1st through 2nd did extensive damage to the Port Antonio area roads including the road leading to Restoration Village Farm. Unfortunately, due to higher priorities, the Parish Council would not clear the road to the farm so we hired a private contractor to clear the road of the tons of debris caused by the landslide from a neighbor’s farm. We needed to get our banana harvest to market! The clearing of the road was not an easy process and it has taken a lot longer than anticipated but the road is now passable with a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Additional rains have come, however, so there is a need for continuous clearing of mud off the road.

Clean up on the farm also continues. There were several landslides that deposited soil, rocks and trees in undesired places. For example, the flat area in front of the kitchen and pavilion looked like a field of pineapple plants! The pool was completely filled with mud and rocks so that needed to be cleaned out. The farm workers are working hard to get the farm back into shape for tours. We welcome your prayers!

Here are some photos of the damage and clean up:

Food Safety

Chef Billy grilling jerk chicken.

Chef Billy grilling jerk chicken.

A recent article published in the Jamaica Gleaner highlights a speech given by the Minister of Health, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, in observance of World Health Day 2015. In his speech titled “Food Safety – From Farm to Plate, Make Food Safe,” Dr. Ferguson urged Jamaicans to play a part in preventing food contamination. He outlined steps to take to ensure the safety of food which include:

Chef Billy dishing out lunch.

Chef Billy dishing out lunch.

Chef Billy washing rice.

Chef Billy washing rice.

  • Keeping surfaces and equipment clean
  • Separating raw and cooked food
  • Cooking food thoroughly
  • Keeping food at safe temperatures and
  • Using safe water and raw materials

“The issue of food safety has to consider the regulation of food production, storage, processing, marketing, shipping/transporting, wholesaling, retailing, spanning farm to table. Unsafe food creates a vicious cycle of disease and malnutrition, particularly affecting infants, young children, the elderly and the infirmed,” Dr. Ferguson said.

At Restoration Village Farm we hold a Food Heath Certificate issued by the Ministry of Health and we are committed to safe food consumption. All those who prepare food at Restoration Village Farm have been trained in food safety and have current Food Handlers Certificates. The farm has been inspected by the Ministry of Health and is licensed to operate a food-handling establishment.

To read more of the Gleaner article visit:

Young Pineapples

150205 Baby pineapple with purple blossomsDid you know pineapples have anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer properties? Pineapple is the major source of Bromelain. Bromelain has been used to reduce inflammation in arthritis, sinusitis, inflammatory bowel disease, sports injuries, trauma, burns, prostatitis and more. This enzyme has been effective in suppressing the growth of some human cancer cells, including melanoma. Bromelain has also been linked to heart & circulatory health, improvements in asthma & other breathing conditions. The tougher circle at the center has more concentrated Bromelain than the surrounding tender fruit.

STYLECRAZE reports that Pineapples even have amazing skin & hair benefits! When ingested, the presence of Vitamin C and Bromelain can help clear acne and enrich hair follicles for thicker hair; it can be used topically as an exfoliator; and adding coconut oil and use it as a natural cure for chapped lips.

These young pineapples are emerging now at Restoration Village Farm. In 3-6 months there will be hundreds of pineapples available for nyamming on your scheduled walking tour and for sale. Schedule your guided walking tour by emailing or calling 876-571-9533.