Otaheite Apple

150206 Otaheite apple closeupCaptain William Bligh is credited with introducing the Otaheite apple or cocoplum to Jamaica in 1793 (4). The fruit thrives in sub-tropical environments and therefore can be found in abundance throughout Jamaica. (1).

150206 Otaheite apples closeupThe Otaheite apple is typically freshly picked and enjoyed raw by Jamaicans. Otaheite apples can also be made into wine, however they are most commonly mixed with ginger and  lime juice to create a refreshing summery drink. They can also be stewed with ginger flavored syrup and be served over ice cream (3).

In addition to being consumed as a sweet treat, the Otaheite apple has many healing properties and medicinal uses. Otaheite apples are a good source of vitamin C, calcium, thiamine and riboflavin. They are also a powerful antioxidant and have high water content (1). When consumed in abundance the fruit has been shown to be beneficial to diabetics; prevent the development of cancer in the breast and the prostate; lower cholesterol and act as a diuretic (2). Medicinal uses for this fruit around the world include: fever, rheumatism, diarrhea, pain and epilepsy.150206 Otaheite apples

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