World Heritage Site

Last week we posted an article, which announced the Blue and John Crow Mountains were recently inscribed into the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization’s (UNESCO) “World Heritage List”. A World Heritage Site is a place that is listed by UNESCO as being of special cultural or physical significance.

The Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park spans sections of the parishes of St. Andrew, St. Thomas and Portland. Being that Restoration Village Farm is located in the foothills of the John Crow mountains we believe it is a well-deserved honor, as we take in the gorgeous views of the Blue and John Crow Mountains everyday.

After viewing various pictures (see below) of the breathtaking views we have at Restoration Village Farm it’s clear to see why the Blue and John Crow Mountains were added to the List after a unanimous decision from a 21-member committee.

Schedule a walking tour with us for access to amazing views of Jamaica’s first World Heritage Site by clicking here! In addition to the views, enjoy our 60-minute educational guided walking tour, wading pool and a complimentary farm-to-table lunch.

To learn more about the addition of the Blue and John Crow Mountains to UNESCO’s World Heritage List view the aforementioned article here:

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On April 7, 20 boys from The Cub Scouts and Stella Maris Preparatory School enjoyed educational farming activities on a Day Excursion at Restoration Village Farm. After their day at the farm, the trip coordinator sent us the following testimonial.

IMG_5303“We had a Fantastic Day at the farm! The boys really enjoyed themselves and learnt a whole lot in the process. They were excited about planting the ginger and peas. They really loved eating the Cocoa pods, they now know where chocolate comes from. Its a great farm. The boys are giving great reviews to their parents. One little boy told his mum it was an amazing day. I realize that many of the boys have never seen a lot of these trees and foods before much less a farm so it was a really good experience for them. One little boy had papaya for the very first time and liked it.

I have to commend all of your staff; they are really helpful and knowledgeable. Customer service is top notch. Rodger, Rohan and Elaine were superb. Tell them to keep up the good work.

The food was Wow. Tasted so good. Big up the chefs.

We had a memorable day!

And I want to thank you once again for your generosity for giving the Scouts discounted prices. It really made it possible for us to make the trip.

Thanks from the Cub Scouts pack, Stella Maris Prep, teachers and parents. The boys had a great day!”

Schedule Day Excursions for your groups by calling: 876-571-9533 or emailing:

Otaheite Apple

150206 Otaheite apple closeupCaptain William Bligh is credited with introducing the Otaheite apple or cocoplum to Jamaica in 1793 (4). The fruit thrives in sub-tropical environments and therefore can be found in abundance throughout Jamaica. (1).

150206 Otaheite apples closeupThe Otaheite apple is typically freshly picked and enjoyed raw by Jamaicans. Otaheite apples can also be made into wine, however they are most commonly mixed with ginger and  lime juice to create a refreshing summery drink. They can also be stewed with ginger flavored syrup and be served over ice cream (3).

In addition to being consumed as a sweet treat, the Otaheite apple has many healing properties and medicinal uses. Otaheite apples are a good source of vitamin C, calcium, thiamine and riboflavin. They are also a powerful antioxidant and have high water content (1). When consumed in abundance the fruit has been shown to be beneficial to diabetics; prevent the development of cancer in the breast and the prostate; lower cholesterol and act as a diuretic (2). Medicinal uses for this fruit around the world include: fever, rheumatism, diarrhea, pain and epilepsy.150206 Otaheite apples

Savor this delicious super-food and other fresh seasonal produce by clicking here, emailing or calling 876-571-9533 to schedule a walking tour at Restoration Village Farm. Walking tours allow guests to taste fresh seasonal produce such as its otaheite apple and enjoy a complimentary farm fresh lunch at noon.



150318 Breadfruit roastingThe beloved and delicious Breadfruit is noted to have made its way to Jamaica in 1793 via Captain William Bligh (1). Bligh considered the breadfruit an inexpensive and nutritious source of feeding the large number of slaves working in Jamaica’s then numerous sugar plantations (2).

110830 Breadfruit on treeBreadfruit was widely planted (3) and flourished as Jamaica’s tropical climate and elevation is an ideal habitat for the fruit. Breadfruit has become a staple in authentic Jamaican cuisine. It ‘s gluten-free and can be baked, fried, boiled, jerked, roasted (as shown in pictures), juiced and even powdered and then used to make dumplings, porridge, muffins, fritters and bun (6).140729 Breadfruit starting to roast


According to, health benefits of breadfruit include anti-oxidant properties; it’s a great source of vitamin C, potassium, iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, manganese and more; its fiber content, which helps reduce blood cholesterol and blood pressure; it’s rich in many vital B-complex groups of vitamins; and breadfruit seeds contain average levels of protein.

Some beauty benefits of eating breadfruit are its low in fat content (4) and the presence of fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, which promote hair growth, regulate metabolism and enhance skin tone (5).

Enjoy the Caribbean delicacy that is breadfruit and reap its medicinal and beauty benefits by clicking here, emailing or calling 876-571-9533 to schedule a walking tour at Restoration Village Farm. Walking tours allow guests to taste fresh seasonal produce such as breadfruit and enjoy a complimentary farm fresh lunch for tours taken by 1pm.

150318 Breadfruit on fire after turning



Young Pineapples

150205 Baby pineapple with purple blossomsDid you know pineapples have anti-inflammatory & anti-cancer properties? Pineapple is the major source of Bromelain. Bromelain has been used to reduce inflammation in arthritis, sinusitis, inflammatory bowel disease, sports injuries, trauma, burns, prostatitis and more. This enzyme has been effective in suppressing the growth of some human cancer cells, including melanoma. Bromelain has also been linked to heart & circulatory health, improvements in asthma & other breathing conditions. The tougher circle at the center has more concentrated Bromelain than the surrounding tender fruit.

STYLECRAZE reports that Pineapples even have amazing skin & hair benefits! When ingested, the presence of Vitamin C and Bromelain can help clear acne and enrich hair follicles for thicker hair; it can be used topically as an exfoliator; and adding coconut oil and use it as a natural cure for chapped lips.

These young pineapples are emerging now at Restoration Village Farm. In 3-6 months there will be hundreds of pineapples available for nyamming on your scheduled walking tour and for sale. Schedule your guided walking tour by emailing or calling 876-571-9533.


Slowcial Experience at Restoration Village Farm

“Slowcial” is a new trend that requires one to put away smart phones, tablets, laptops, etc. and connect with the present moment to enjoy an ultimately slower, better, nicer experience.

Disconnect, unwind, breathe and enjoy the slowcial experience Restoration Village Farm offers its guests. Relax in the cool air generally found in Portland parish. Surround yourself with sounds of flowing streams, the waterfall replenishing the wading pool that sits below it, the lush greenery speckled with colors of the various flowers, and the birds and butterflies that receive nourishment from them.

Restoration Village Farm’s slowcial experience allows you to reconnect with nature and stimulate your senses through the exploration of this tropical paradise, discovery of the growing crops and medicinal plants as well as farm fresh provisions plucked directly from the land, cooked and served as a savory farm-to-table lunch. Schedule your escape from life’s hustles by clicking here, calling 876-571-9533 or email


Bussu Soup: A Taste of Portland

Overhead view of ORCS students eating Bussu SoupWhen traveling to Portland, having a cup of Bussu Soup is a cultural experience, exclusive to this parish, that all must have. Bussu is found in the waters of the Rio Grande and its contributing tributaries. So what is Bussu? Bussu is a small freshwater shellfish similar to snail or conch. It is removed from the water, shelled, boiled until tender in soup.

At Restoration Village Farm, our version of Bussu Soup includes Irish (white potatoes), carrots, noodles (packages of noodle soup mix), dasheen, dumplings (boiled flour mix), pumpkin, coconut juice, pimento, thyme, escallion (scallion) and of course Bussu.

ORCS students eating Bussu SoupBussu Soup is served on special occasions. The pictures show children from the Operation Restoration Christian School enjoying a cup of Bussu during their recent field trip to the farm.

Schedule your Restoration Village Farm visit for a chance at A Taste of Portland with the exclusive, exquisite Bussu Soup by clicking here or selecting Book Your Tour in the dropdown menu under Agritourism.

Let us know your group needs and we can plan a Bussu soup day for you.