Clean up from the heavy rains continues…

The flooding from the storm December 1st through 2nd did extensive damage to the Port Antonio area roads including the road leading to Restoration Village Farm. Unfortunately, due to higher priorities, the Parish Council would not clear the road to the farm so we hired a private contractor to clear the road of the tons of debris caused by the landslide from a neighbor’s farm. We needed to get our banana harvest to market! The clearing of the road was not an easy process and it has taken a lot longer than anticipated but the road is now passable with a 4-wheel drive vehicle. Additional rains have come, however, so there is a need for continuous clearing of mud off the road.

Clean up on the farm also continues. There were several landslides that deposited soil, rocks and trees in undesired places. For example, the flat area in front of the kitchen and pavilion looked like a field of pineapple plants! The pool was completely filled with mud and rocks so that needed to be cleaned out. The farm workers are working hard to get the farm back into shape for tours. We welcome your prayers!

Here are some photos of the damage and clean up:

Restoration Village Farm featured in The Gleaner

God is good.  Last week we were contacted by a reporter at the The Gleaner who had heard about Restoration Village Farm and today an article about the farm was featured in the Business section.  We are thankful to God and all of those who have supported our efforts to do God’s will through the farm.

To read the full article, click on the link below:

Progressive Realization of a Worthy Goal

Earl Nightingale defined success as “the progressive realization of a worthy goal or ideal”. During the year 2014 we made several progressive steps on the farm to achieve our mission:

  • placed more land into agricultural production
  • transformed the property to safely offer guided walking tours
  • engaged TPDCo to train and certify 10 tour guides
  • reorganized the workforce to increase productivity
  • conducted a bigger and better Vacation Bible School
  • improved our relationship with Operation Restoration Christian School
  • increased our willingness to accept volunteer help
  • built accommodations for overnight camping
  • overcame severe drought conditions
  • expanded our social media presence

Our goal is to finance all of Restoration Village Farm activities from income generated on the farm. We are not yet there. However, we are making progressive steps to accomplish the goal. Here are some photos of our 2014 achievements.