Our Logo

fibonacci spiral Restoration Village Farm God limitlessThe logo for Restoration Village Farm reflects our faith in God and God’s marvelous creation.  The graphic is a representation of the Fibonacci spiral that is found in many different forms in nature. God created all things in nature in which the Fibonacci spiral may be identified.  The logo depicts God at the initiation of the spiral (in the beginning…) performing creation and God continuing with his marvelous works through people depicted by the “…”.  Restoration Village Farm is just one of the ways God’s people (we) are utilizing God’s resources to be good shepherds.

There are many great works before Restoration Village Farm and many other great works going on now and will be many great works after Restoration Village farm.  Hence, the “…” after Restoration Village Farm.  God is not limited and the Fibonacci spiral is not limited.  The spiral goes into infinity. The spiral represents a limitless God.

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