Trevor Campbell, co-owner

I grew up in Old Harbour, Jamaica.  My father passed away when I was 8 years of age. During my formative years my mother was a preacher. I grew up in a community of caring and giving people and my mother insisted on a good education. I received my high school education at Saint Jago High and went on to attend several universities. I have been blessed with a good career in Information Technology and also co-own with my wife Jean, a small company named “Plato Consulting, Inc”.  Now we also co-own the “Restoration Village Farm”.

God has played a strong role in my life. I believe the intercessory prayers of my mother prevented me from drifting from God too far. I believe I am blessed with the gift of giving. With that in mind, we purchased property in Portland and named it Restoration Village Farm with the specific mission to use the proceeds to help those lacking in hope and to help children with their education.

Jean Campbell, co-owner

I grew up in Warwick, New York, USA, a small rural town with dairy farms and apple orchards. My parents were faithful Christians and my 3 siblings and I grew up in a loving, supportive home. We were truly blessed! As a child and teenager, I was a member of the Girls Scouts, the 4-H Club, and Future Farmers of America. Even though I never lived on a farm (as my father did), farming must have been in my blood. I feel the most alive and at peace when I am outdoors in the garden getting dirty – planting, weeding and reaping any vegetable, fruit or flower that I can manage to make grow.

When Trevor and I started dating, we worked together and lived in South Florida. I was a widow with 3 children (2 daughters and a son) and he had 3 daughters. We got married in 1999 and our family has since grown to include 6 grandchildren. Not only do all our children and grandchildren get along, they also like each other! More blessings, indeed. I had attributed our awesome marriage to mutual respect, open communication and accepting each other as we were. In 2004 we started going to a new church that motivated us to read the Bible and put Christ first in our lives, even before each other. When we dedicated our lives and marriage to the Lord, our good marriage got even better! We began to actively seek God’s plan for us.

In 2011 after all of our children were grown, Trevor and I moved to a rural area in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. We were inspired by the local church family there to get involved in youth ministry. Also in 2011 after a series of improbable events (and some disappointments) that we now believe were orchestrated by God, we felt led to purchase a farm in Jamaica and use it to do God’s work. We had already established a relationship years before with Operation Restoration Christian School, a remedial school in Trench Town, Jamaica and now we could open up the farm to the students and staff of the school for their use as well as the children of the local community. I really wondered why God gave me a passion for farming when it didn’t seem at all practical or probable that I would ever own or work on a farm… now I know!!

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